Why Digital Printing Is All the Hype

digital printing

Digital printing has taken charge over recent years and there are many reasons for it. The Packaging Source has many years of experience printing custom products including two packaging staples: labels and tape. We understand the technology and are well-versed in the capabilities. Digital labels and tape can be a great option for many companies based on their specific needs. Here are a few benefits of digital printing:

Variable Data

Digital printing allows for several versions of a product without the added cost. With the ability to arrange different versions based on your needs, printing digitally makes variable printing easy. Whether the color changes based on perfume scent or the barcode is different based on product, digital printing makes these changes efficient as well as economical.

High Quality – Fast

Digital printing technology has come a long way and the ability to print four color process makes printing your design bright and bold. Along with this, there is no need to wait for plates or inks, reducing turnaround time. Your print starts at the press of a button. This allows us to meet tight deadlines and provide a high quality product.

Small Quantity, No Problem

Long gone are the days where we require high minimums. Digital printing allows our company to easily provide small quantities or samples. Whether millions or hundreds, we can easily accommodate the order with our technology.

Along with these top features, there are many other benefits of having a printer that has digital presses in addition to conventional. The ease of transition based on the run size allows our company to grow with yours. Whether you are looking for a large quantity with embellishments or a small quantity printed quickly reach out to our team to see how we can make your label or custom tape stand out.

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