About Us

The Packaging Source is committed to making your experience as our customer our top priority. As a result, you will be met with a quick, easy & affordable online ordering process for all packaging supplies your company needs!

Our advantages

Why packaging supplies from this company, when there are many others?

Recognizing a need to provide our customers with affordable and efficient ordering, The Packaging Source was created. We have a wide range of packaging supplies from boxes to labels and everything in between. With over 20,000 in-stock items, we understand how important it is to offer our customers with the best products. Similarly, we understand the need for the packaging to keep your product protected. Therefore, we offer products from the top brands in the industry. The Packaging Source also manufactures custom products, guaranteeing quality and quick turn around times. 

Above all, we pair quality products with great customer service. As our customer, we understand that you may have some questions along the way. Above all, you will be met with a friendly and knowledgeable staff. Our team is ready to help with any and all of your packaging needs. 


As a manufacturer & distributor, we offer a mix of custom & stock packaging supplies.


We understand in this mobile first world, ordering online is important. Therefore, we make purchasing packaging quick & easy! ​


As a company, we pride ourselves in our core values. Our strength comes from the employees and our team possesses these values.

First of all, we pride our team as being trustworthy. Customers entrust in us to execute. Furthermore, we do everything within our capabilities to meet their expectations. Next, our employees are engaged. Staying in tune with what is happening in the company, not just in their role. We are also respectful. Above all, we give the highest level of respect for our vendors, customers and fellow employees. Another value that we are proud to possess is being positive. Our team is level headed and solves issues and problems with grace. Finally, our team is focused on continuous improvement. We’re constantly working towards solutions, learning, and growing.