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the unboxing experience

5 Ways to Brand Your Brown Box

In the age of online, many companies are skipping the brick-and-mortar and selling predominantly through an e-commerce website. But without a storefront, there is a gap in connecting with customers. No longer are the days when cashiers being friendly or a sales associate walking the floor to ask if you need help could make your customers feel good about your business. So how are companies creating that feeling of connection? PACKAGING.

The Unboxing Experience:

To some, this may sound cliché, but the unboxing experience is real and the statistics prove the significance. Making a customer feel good when opening their packaging can help with brand loyalty and repeat business. So how does your unboxing experience measure up? And how can you incorporate branding on and in your box – here are 5 tips to get started!

1. Printed Boxes

        A printed box is the perfect way to brand your packaging for advertising and for brand recognition. A branded box can act as an advertisement to neighbors and also give the customer an immediate reaction of excitement after seeing your brand on their porch.

2. Custom Water Activated Tape

        We’ve all seen the beautiful printed packaging tape, but have you considered it for your business? Packaging tape is something you already have to purchase, why not use it for a custom message or your logo for branding. With the ability to print color and graphics, your tape can create a message that will STICK with your recipient.

3. Personalized Labels

        Is a branded box out of the budget? A label can serve the same purpose and you have the ability to adjust the label based on recipient, season or message. This allows you to customize the message with multiple labels based on who it is going to. If you have a big sale coming up or you’re trying to send a specific message, a label on the outside of a corrugated box could be the perfect way to customize your packaging.

4. Samples

        Whether you are looking to cross sell or up-sell, there is always room within your current customer base for additional business. Providing a small sample leaves a lasting impression and also can help to increase sales.

5. Repeat Business Promotion

Being strategic about product placement, protection and customization is key after opening the box. By placing a note or a bounce back coupon on top, it is the first thing your customer sees after they open the box.


If your store is predominately e-commerce, you’re a subscription business, or you are shipping items, the unboxing experience matters. There are many ways you can make a lasting impression with your customers, if you’re ready to get started – contact us to discuss how we can help brand your brown box.

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