The Importance of Packaging Protection

Packaging Protection

There are many purposes of packaging, but the main purpose is to ensure the product gets from point A to point B. Whether using flexible packaging or rigid, ensuring your packaging can hold up based on weight, shape and fragility is key.

Water Activated Tape

One way to ensure your package arrives to its destination is quality tape. We recommend water-activated, reinforced tape for this reason. This tape is applied utilizing a water activated tape dispenser and the adhesive binds to the corrugated box, rather than sticking to it. The adhesive creates a bond that is not easily broken and the reinforced, fiberglass strings prevent it from pulling apart. Another great aspect of this tape is that it can be customized to represent your brand. Custom printed tape can feature a special message or your logo to enhance your customer’s unboxing experience.

Packaging FIlling

Another way to implement security into your packaging is with packaging protection. There are many ways to include packaging protection in your box. A few common ways are newsprint, bubble wrap and packaging peanuts. We recommend the newsprint as it provides a great cushion for fragile items and fills the void, all while being eco-friendly. Since the newsprint is recycled, the paper is an environmental and economical choice.


Lastly, to ensure the protection of your packaging, select the correct box specific to both the weight and size of your object. Keeping the package tight can eliminate movement and reduce the amount of packaging protection needed. Another option is selecting double wall or single wall to ensure your package holds up when being shipped based on weight.

Overall, packaging protection is important when shipping your items. We are not just a packaging supplier, but also a packaging partner. We work to advise and provide packaging that holds up based on your product – all at unbeatable prices. Whether you are looking for stock products or custom printed tape, we can help you get started with your packaging.

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