Label Your Branded Box…An Opportunity

branded boxes on porch

We have all seen a branded box on a doorstep in our neighborhoods-maybe a big-name brand like Crate & Barrel or a subscription business like Hello Fresh. Branding brown boxes is a trend that is not going away any time soon, especially with e-commerce continuing to expand. We understand the need of a branded box, and we have a few ideas that might encourage your team to brand your brown box a little differently…with a label!

Stand Out

A great branded box can take the place of a brick and mortar brand presence. The shipping process is an opportunity for brand recognition and advertising…after all, that brown box is going to do some traveling. By adding a message or logo to your brown box, you can communicate your brand and resonate with your customer…all while acting as a mobile advertisement.


Have you considered the idea of a personal label on your branded box for your specific customer or demographic? What if your packaging could tell a story tailored to one type of consumer or a certain time of year? With custom labels, this is not only possible but easily switched. The unboxing experience is very important in e-commerce, so what does your message really say to each consumer? By utilizing labels, messages can be changed with ease and personalization is easy. This really resonates with the recipient… (inspiration of the Coke campaign in 2018). Are your wheels turning yet?


In the beginning stages of any company, implementing a printed box may not be within reach. Labels are a great alternative and provide the same look. Labels can be ordered in both small and large quantities, allowing you the freedom to easily make changes to your custom boxes.

Whether you are one step away from a printed box or like the idea of flexibility with messages, a label on the outside of your corrugated packaging can be the perfect way to brand your brown box. If you are considering stepping up your e-commerce shipments, reach out to our team to talk about custom labels for your branded box.

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